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Swim Spa FAQ’s

We appreciate that buying a Swim Spa can be a difficult decision to make. To help you make the right decision we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. Should you not find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us

What are the main advantages of a Swim Spa instead of a swimming pool?

    1. Cost of installing a swimming pool is typically 2-3 times more than a swim spa.
    2. Running costs of a swimming pool according to Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association (SPATA) is between £10 and £15 per day. This can increase depending on how well the pool is
      insulated and the fuel source for the heating. Running cost for a Swim Spa is far less making it an ideal product to use all year round.
    3. A Swim Spa provides an endless swim without turning is an aquatic gym and typically has either hydrotherapy seats or an integrated Hot tub.
    4. Swim Spa takes up much less space and requires little maintenance.

What size Swim Spa do I need?

We sell three sizes and two models of Swim Spa and the decision as to which product is taken around three key elements. Firstly do they want the swim spa for individual or family and friends use? Secondly how many spa seats do I want in the Swim Spa, none, two or four? Finally do I want to sit in Hot Tub temperature water if I’m not swimming or exercising? Based on these simple questions we can establish which model you need a 14’ individual, 14, 17’ or 19’ family or 19’ dual temperature Swim Spa.

Do I install my Swim Spa in the ground?

This is really a personal choice. We can either offer a cabinet around the Swim Spa or it can be set into the ground. In our experience more customers will put in the ground.

Should I put my Swim Spa in a building?

It’s not necessary but around 35% of our customers prefer to locate their Swim Spa in a purpose built building or at least to have the foundations ready to install such a building at a later date. We offer timber or glass structures that allow you to experience the outdoor benefits of the Swim Spa.

Can I lock my Swim Spa?

With a hard cover, retractable cover or enclosure the Swim Spa can be locked.

How often should the water be changed?

This varies depending on number of users, frequency of users, water chemistry, method of filtration and whether or not the Swim Spa is fitted with an ozonator. It is not unusual for owners of pressurised filtration Swim Spas to change their spa water every 12 months.

Can I take my Swim Spa with me when I move home?

Yes, due to the Swim Spa being totally self-contained, either you can re-locate the Swim Spa whenever you wish or alternatively, we could do it for you.

I’m interested in a Swim Spa, what do I do next?

You can visit our showroom or call our office to discuss the model that best suit your needs. We can also offer a private wet test of one of our Self Cleaning Swim Spas. The next step is to agree a price and to carry out a survey to look at location of your spa. Final step is to look at access, electrics and base for the Swim Spa.

Is it hard to swim In a Swim Spa?

No. It normally just takes a few seconds to learn how to “swim against the current” and it’s easy to adjust the flow strength to something that suits you.

Is It safe for children?

Yes. Children will love it. However, as with any pool, small children should only be allowed in or near the swim spa under close supervision.

Can I get trapped In the current?

No. As the current is confined to the center of the pool, all you have to do is move sideways to return to calm water.

Can two people swim at the same time?

Technically it is possible but this depends a lot on the individual’s ability and stamina level. Most users swim individually.

How long will it take to Install?

Provided any necessary ground excavations are completed or the swim spa is to be located above ground, it normally takes between 1 to 2 days. You will also need to allow time to fill the swim spa.