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19FX AquaTrainer Self Cleaning Swim Spa

The Self Cleaning 19FX AquaTrainer with variable speed patented swim jets is a mini pool with spa seats that delivers the most flexibility, fun and benefits for the whole family. This swim spa has all the exercise features of the iX and more, variable resistant swim current, thigh / abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises along with 4 full body massage therapy seats plus two feature waterfall neck pillows.

This AquaTrainer 19FX is the ultimate family pool, spa and aquatic all in one gym providing a great training centre for swimming enthusiast and athletes whilst providing fun for all the family.

Shell Dimension:  220″ x 93″ / 558cm x 236cm
Height: 53″ / 135cm
Volume: 2439 US gallons /9233 litres
Weight Full: 23,382 lbs/ 10,609 kgs
Weight Empty: 3,028 lbs/ 1,376 kgs
Swim Jets: two high performance variable speed wide stream swim jets and one core stream jet
Hydrotherapy seating: 4 person