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14iX Aqua Sport Self Cleaning Swim Spa

The AquaSport 14iX is a fibre glass reinforced acrylic one piece mini pool that provides you with the perfect universal aquatic gym with a generous swim tank area and flat anti slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises, creating the perfect training environment through personalised water temperature settings. The intensity of the workout is controlled by the velocity of your movements and the speed of the current.

Shell Dimensions: 169″/93″ / 426.7cm x 236cm
Height: 53″/ 134.6cm
Volume: 1762 US gallons/ 6670 Litres
Weight Full: 17,006 lbs/ 7,716 kgs
Weight Empty: 2,302lbs / 1,046 kgs
Swim Jets: two core stream jets
Hydrotherapy Seats: None

13IX AquaSport