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Serenity 2 Special Edition (2 Seater)

Affectionately known as ‘the Ferrari’ or ‘Cupid’, the Serenity 2 is as opulent in style as it is in performance. The sumptuous design of two side- by- side facing loungers allow you to be enveloped in warm water from your shoulders to your toes. Sink into the warmth of bubbling water and control your massage power to each individual area of your body.

With 30 hydrotherapy jets you and your spa partner can ensure that every area of your body is soothed and pampered. After all, that is what you both truly deserve!

Seats: Up to 2 persons
Shell Dimensions: 83” x 47” / 210cm x 120cm
Height: 30” / 74cm
Weight (Full): 1929lbs / 875kg
Weight (Empty):529lbs / 240kg
Special Edition: 30 Jets
Volume: 167 Gallons / 635 litres