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Millboard Decking

For the ultimate maintenance free solution look no further than Millboard decking.

Millboards have been molded from hand selected prime oak samples, replicating the beautiful qualities of the originals. Only Millboards are hand crafted this way. The textured, resilient top surface of the finished Millboard is made from Lastane® providing a virtually maintenance free algae-repellent surface, which greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions.

The tough Lastane® layer is hand coloured with UV stable pigments and its inherent anti-abrasive nature means it withstands demanding environments.

The wood-free polymer resin core is fibre reinforced for additional strength and self-bonds to the Lastane® layer. Millboards are solid, not hollow and do not expand or contract, warp or rot like wood or wood composites as there is no water ingress. The manufacture of Millboard is classed as a low energy process, making it more eco-friendly.