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H700 Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

Quite possibly the most incredible spa in the Hydropool Self Cleaning range! What makes this spa so different is the ergonomically designed side by side loungers. You can even swivel round and enjoy the third lounger to face the people you love.

The 5 additional spa seats are exceptionally well designed and offer multi height seating and a variety of therapeutic massage jets. You will be impressed at the Captain’s Chair!

In addition to exceeding your expectations with superior comfort and hydrotherapy this is the world’s easiest hot tub to maintain with the advanced technology of the self-cleaning system. The patented Self Cleaning system cleans 100% of the water every 15 minutes by simultaneously removing surface debris and cleaning the bottom of the hot tub with its built in vacuum. The automatic water treatment dosing system will safe guard your family for years to come leaving time for what matters to you.

Seats: Up to 7 Persons
Shell Dimensions: 96” x 96” / 244cm x 244cm
Height: 39” / 99cm
Weight (Full): 4823 lbs / 2188 Kgs
Weight (Empty): 1032 lbs / 468 Kgs
Luxury Edition: 60 Jets
Platinum Series: 50 Jets
Volume: 454 Gallons / 1720 litres