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Hot Tubs FAQ’s

We appreciate that buying a Hot Tub can be a difficult decision to make. To help you make the right decision we have put together a list of frequently asked questions. Should you not find what you are looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the main advantages of a Swim Spa instead of a swimming pool?

The size of Hot Tub you choose is entirely up to you but we would recommend that you pick a size suited to your lifestyle. For example, if there are 3-5 people in your family and you don’t entertain very often, a medium sized Hot Tub for 5-6 people will probably best suit your needs. If you’re a large family or you have guests over fairly often (or plan to once you have a Hot Tub!), you can go for anything up to a 10 seater Hydropool perfect for Hot Tub parties!

What are the typical running costs?

Running costs would normally cover three elements, energy, chemicals and maintenance. Our Self Cleaning Hot Tubs are extremely energy efficient with a running costs based on all year running in an outside locations with temperature controlled at 37C of around 50p per day. Chemical usage based on running the system all year round will be around 45p per day. Our Hot Tubs are so easy to maintain that you never need to call an engineer unless something goes wrong, which it rarely does and in these cases is often covered by our 10 year warranty.

Where should I locate my Hot Tub?

In the past few years the trend has been for most Hot Tubs to be installed outdoors and used all year round. If the idea of enjoying your Hot Tub under the stars on a peaceful winter night appeals you should definitely consider this option. If you choose to locate your Hot Tub outside we would recommend that it should be located as near to a door as possible so it can be quickly reached in winter.

Should I put my Hot Tub in a building?


It’s not necessary but around 15% of our customers prefer to locate their Hot Tub in a purpose built building. We offer timber or glass structures that allow you to experience the outdoor benefits of the Hot Tub.

I have been recommended a Hot Tub for medical and recovery?


Not all Hot Tubs have medical benefits. Our Hot Tubs seats and jetting systems have been design to provide medical benefit, our wellness guide covers the science behind the technology and programs include sports recovery, weight loss, muscular pain and insomnia.

Can I lock my Hot Tub?

All Hydropool Hot Tubs come with a heavy duty, insulated locking safety hardcover to keep the heat in and unsupervised children and animals out.

How often should the water be changed?

This varies depending on number of users, frequency of users, water chemistry, method of filtration and whether or not the Hot Tub is fitted with an ozonator. As a general guideline though, B.I.S.H.T.A. the industry’s watchdog recommends between 2-4 months, although it is not unusual for owners of pressurised filtration Hot Tubs to change their spa water every 6 months.

Can I take my Hot Tub with me when I move home?

Yes, due to the Hot Tub being totally self-contained, either you can re-locate the Hot Tub whenever you wish or alternatively, we could do it for you.

I’m interested in a Hot Tub, what do I do next?

You can visit our showroom or call our office to discuss the model that best suit your needs. We can also offer a private wet test of one of our Self Cleaning Hot Tubs. The next step is to agree a price and to carry out a survey to look at location of your tub. Final step is to look at access, electrics and base for the Hot Tub.