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Hot Tub Enclosures


York Dome
The original construction of this enclosure is made of aluminium profiles, in a range of colours, and filled with the highest quality clear or tinted polycarbonate. The Whole enclosure can turn 360 degrees in both directions.

Inner diameter 4m to 4.89m, outside diameter 4.11m to 5m, height 2.3m to 2.7m

Cheltenham Dome
A larger version of the York Dome, this dome is available in sizes up to 10m diameter to accommodate extra seating outside games room and much more.

Inner diameter 4m to 10m, outside diameter 4.11m to 10.25m, height 1.9m to 3.5m.

Cambridge Dome
This oval enclosure provides enough space for seating area as well as well as enclosing the hot tub. The tinted version gives you more privacy and lovely atmosphere. Sliding roof and doors provides ventilation and breeze if needed.

Width 4.11m to 5m, length 6.16m to 8m, height 2.3m to 2.7m.

Suffolk Dome
This smart enclosure is based on the Cambridge but with one end connected to the house or out building to provide seating area and covered walkway to your spa. Sliding roof and doors provides ventilation and breeze if needed.

Width 4.11m to 5m, distance from wall 4.11m to 5m, height 2.3m to 2.7m.

Timber Enclosures

This timber building comes with bar and seating area. Comes with acrylic roof and windows, gas lift window/roof for bar area and louvre windows

Measures 294cm x 294cm with a height of 302cm.

The larger version of the Atlantis, this enclosure also has an inside seating and coffee table area. Louvre windows on two sides, bar area with gas lift roof on one side and sliding doors to the front.

Measures 423cmm x 326cm with a height of 334cm.

Bespoke Timber Enclosures

Alternatively we can provide you with a bespoke structure to specifically suit your spa and seating requirements. A wide choice of fabrics, timbers and cooking zones can be incorporated within the design. Please ask one of our design team to assist you in the specification of your own building

Automated Gazebo

Covana 3
The Worlds only automated spa gazebo. Simply turn the key to your private oasis, the privacy screens create a more intimate and romantic experience. Provides energy saving to reduce your running costs and has the added benefit or LED lighting in the roof and retractable side panels.